Thursday, May 6, 2010

50 DAYS!

50 days till I board the plane that's going to take me to Africa. Oh my goodness I'm SO excited!

Sorry I've been slacking on the blogging front lately. The school year is winding down and it feels like life is flying by at 90mph. Here is the run down on life and Africa stuff...

- 5 weeks left of school and living in Ashland! It feels like I just moved into my house. It's hard to believe the school year is almost over. I'm so excited for summer and my upcoming trip, but I'm going to be so sad to leave my little house and my roomies! Luckily, most of us are going to be living in Portland for the summer!

- A few months ago I decided to switch my major. I know kind of shocking if you know me even just a little bit. I had wanted to be a teacher for my entire life, but after getting into the program this year I felt my heart really was just not in it and being a teacher isn't something you can fake. You either have it or you don't and I don't. It only took me 21 years to figure out, but hey better late than never. Anyways, I've decided to pursue Social Work and I found a fabulous program at Portland State University. My degree will be in Child and Family Studies and I'll be able to graduate on time which is such a blessing. On top of all the homework and projects I have to get done over the next five weeks, I've been spending every free moment working on my application to PSU and the Child and Family Studies program. Speaking of which you prayer warriors can be praying I get into the program. PSU has the only Social Work program in Oregon and they only accept 30 people every term
. So, to say the least I'm a little nervous.

- My friend and teammate Megan started a blog and she's doing a really cool raffle to fundraise! If you donate to her trip you could win an ipod!! Check out her blog for more details!

- Next week my dad and I are going to try and get our shots for Africa. We were told to get Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Polio, and Malaria. YUCK!

- A few days ago I got an email saying that our airline tickets have been purchased! I was SO excited to see that email come through, but I have to be honest... I started freaking out. I worried myself sick thinking I wasn't going to have the money to cover the cost of the airline ticket which is due on the 10th. $3,400 is A LOT of money, but God keeps reminding me that He is SO much bigger. The very next day I got an email updating me on my fundraising. I have EXACTLY the amount for my ticket right now!!!! Not.even.kidding. "Be careful what you wish for when God knows the desires of your heart."

Before I wrap this up I just wanted to tell you all thank you so much for supporting me, whether that's financially, prayer, donations to the orphanages, or just simply being excited for me. This has been a dream of mine for SO long and I've found myself over the last month just in awe of how blessed I am. I have the best family and friends any person could ask for. Thank you for being apart of my life and this dream of mine.

I'm in Portland this weekend for a college retreat and Mother's day so I'm off to enjoy my family and the beautiful weather we are getting right now! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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Ashley said...

Hi Liz! This is Ashley Perkins. Your trip to Africa sounds amazing! I'm praying for you & Megan, that God will bless you financially, keep you safe, and let you have a fantastic time serving Him. :)
Also- I read one of your earlier posts about how you wanted to do a Bible study with our cohort, and I TOTALLY would have done that! That would've been great. But I'm glad at least you and Megan met together!