Monday, April 19, 2010

Meet my other travel companion!

This is Megan Brown. We met on the first day of school this year and ended up having every class together fall term. We became friends instantly and we joke all the time that we couldn't have made it through this year of the Elementary Ed program without each other, but the thing is I honestly couldn't have. It has been such a blessing to have Megan as a friend this year! After winter break we had this great idea to start a bible study in our education cohort, but it completely flopped so we decided we would just do it. We meet almost every Wednesday afternoon for coffee and to read our Bibles together, although sometimes we do a little more talking about the drama of the week in our cohort than reading, but not the point :) We discovered pretty quickly that we both had a longing to do missions work, so when the opportunity to travel with Visiting Orphans came up a few months ago I knew I had to talk to Megan. She was super excited about it, but said she needed to talk with her parents and spend some time praying about it. That didn't take long though, within a few days she called me and said "I'm in!"
The funny thing is before this trip Africa had never even registered in Megan's mind. She's always had a heart for India so she had been researching organizations to travel with this summer, well God had other plans and for an AMAZING reason! Megan's older sister and her husband recently started the adoption process to adopt from Ethiopia. They are now in the time frame to receive their referral of their precious baby girl or boy and It just so happens we are going to be in the same city as the orphanage where their baby will be. That means that while we are in Ethiopia Megan will hopefully be able to meet her niece or nephew! Seriously, does it get any cooler!?!
Anyways, just a cool little God story! I'm hoping Megan is going to start her own blog so when she does I'll give you the info on that! Thanks again for following my blog! I couldn't be more excited that I get to experience Africa with my dad and also one of my best friends!

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