Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meet my travel companion!

This man gets up at 4:30 every morning to be the first one at his office. He works hard. Harder than anyone I know.

This man told me not worry and go for it when I came to him a few months ago telling him I wanted to switch my major (another story for another time) he encourages me to take risks and follow my heart.

This man shows me a little glimpse of Christ's unconditional love. He pays every penny of my school, car, rent, cell phone bill etc. even though I don't deserve it. Even when I disappoint him and take it for granted. I am unworthy.

This man taught me to love Alabama football and took me to my first National Championship this year.

This man loves and treats my best friends like they are his own.

This man always checks the air in my tires and is constantly worrying as I drive back and forth to school even though I've done it too many times to count. I might seem annoyed, but I'm thankful to have a dad that cares.

This man regularly takes me and all my friends out to eat and always pays for everyone sitting at the table.

I prayed for months this man would be open to the idea of me spending two weeks in Africa. I was SO sure he was going to say no and come up with reasons why it wasn't a good idea, but he surprised me and said yes. Not only did he say yes, he asked if he could come with me.

This man is going to AFRICA with me.

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